Making the groups – the process

The Grade 5 Team made the decision that each “Advisory Group” should be a balance of students with different strengths. To do this, we decided to use selected Self-Management Skills as criteria for grouping.

This is the process for creating the 8 “Cohort Groups” for Studio 5

Step One:

Teachers created a copy of the G4 Self-Management Skills Evaluation for each student.

Step Two:

The document was shared with students and they were given as much or as little support as their teachers felt they needed in order to do it as thoughtfully as possible. They could explain their choices by making a comment.

Step Three:

The document was shared with parents by sending each of them a link . Teachers monitored the document to see if it was getting completed and, if not, they sent a follow-up email and talked to the student about reminding parents to do it.

Step Four:

Once students and parents had completed their evaluations, teachers did theirs. They used comments to add an explanation only if they felt it was necessary, i.e. if their was a big difference in evaluations!

Step Five:

Once everyone completed their evaluations, teachers asked students to take another look to see what they thought. They could add their thoughts using comments as these comments became a three-way dialogue between student, parents and teacher.

Step Six:

Teachers printed all the documents and used them to create 8 very balanced groups. They then checked to make sure there were no serious personality clashes in each group.

The Grade 4 Team putting together the 8 groups for Studio 5.